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My name is Audun Bull-Hansen. I'm a musician of occupation, and you can read more about my background here.


Contents on this website : This is the Engish translation of the norwegian website contessa.no. The main content is self composed, norwegian music for free downloading. You'll also find other stuff related to what I'm doing.

The pocket cruiser Sharpie 600New in 2012 is the "Boating" button in the menu.

Earlier: The video- and music sections are separated. Clicking "Video" takes you to both traditional music videos and slideshows with music, while the "Music" points to pure music files.

Muggsopp "Muggsopp" ("Mold", or "Household Fungus") is a short film by Kristin Hestnes and Tonje Akerholdt. I wrote the music score. In connection with the movie premiere, we arranged "En muggen aften", ("A Fungus Eve") on Papirhuset Teater in Tønsberg, with various entertainment. More about the film and the premiere here.

Zirk MirThe circus troup "Zirk Mir" were co-partners when Søndre Slagen school band celebrated their 5 years anniversary in Oseberg kulturhus 04.03.09. The concert was a different and great experience for the audience and the young musicians. I've uploaded some video clips here.


The Henrik Ibsen jubilee:Henrik Ibsen In 2006 it was 100 years since Henrik Ibsen died. On that occasion students from Horten public school of Arts recorded a DVD, called "Et dukkehjem" ("A Doll's House"). The DVD contains two versions of the famous play. Some of the students also recorded the music video, "Hurra for Henrik", on witch they rap, sing and "breakdance" the parodic song. Read more about the Ibsen project here.


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